Get The Word Out!

Publicity is what drives your attendance. In addition to contacting your regular supporters, whether they are the parents at your school or the members on your board, you want to entice people from outside your group to attend your event. This will bring in funding sources that have not yet been tapped!

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Don't Forget the Phone

A personal hello is worth a thousand emails. A friendly conversation is still one of the most effective ways to encourage donations. Sure, send that email or snail mail letter, but don’t forget the good old fashioned phone call.

Phone calls can be great for:

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End of the Year Donations

Did you know that December is a great time to ask retailers for donations? Yes, they are in a frantic frenzy as the holiday gift shopping draws to a close. But, what happens the day after Christmas? The holiday sales.

Many retailers are willing to sell at below cost just to clear out their stock. So take a chance, see if they wouldn't be willing to donate a few items to your cause; they get a last minute tax write-off (instead of a loss) and you may score some terrific donations!

Price Comparison with the Competition

If you are running a silent auction, you are probably looking at several different software packages before deciding which one you’d like to buy. We all know that price always comes into play in the decision making process. With Pearl Bids, the pricing is fairly straight forward - we have a base package at $19.99 and the optional bidding license at $99. But how does this stack up against the competition?

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Create a Silent Auction Blog

Do you have a blog for your silent auction? Blogs are a great way to keep information flowing from organizers to supporters. Publicize that fantastic new donation. Thank a new major donor. The information that gets you excited will also generate interest and excitement among your supporters.

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