In October 2019, Apple released the newest version of its macOS - Catalina. The release included many exciting new features, including the ability to use an iPad as a second monitor, a new music app, and a new TV app, however this new release does have one significant downfall - the lack of support for 32-bit apps. Unfortunately Pearl Bids for macOS falls under this category and is not supported by (ie will not work with) macOS Catalina.

With the release of the new more powerful version of Pearl Bids (Pearl Bids Online) we will no longer be making updates to the downloadable versions of Pearl Bids. However, we have decided to leave these downloadable versions available for customers who are not able to get a wifi at their event locations. As increasing number of applications move to an online only ability, we felt it was important to leave this downloadable available as a viable solution for those seeking a usable silent auction management package in situations where wifi is not available. 

If you questions on either the older downloadable versions of Pearl Bids silent manager or the new Pearl Bids Online, email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and we'll be happy to help you.


Silent Auctions Just Got Easier

Pearl Bids silent auction manager: the ideal tool for non-profit events organizers


San Rafael, CA, November 15, 2019- Oakgrounds Inc is excited to announce the release of its newest version of the popular software, Pearl Bids, the silent auction management app designed to help non-profit organizations organize and simplify their auctions. Easily create silent auctions, track donations, print bid sheets and generate invoices. With Pearl Bids, auction organizers spend less time managing their auction, allowing more time to devote to other details.


This popular software program, originally designed to assist a local school with its silent auction, is now available in an online version allowing for increased functionality and ease of use. With the addition of many exciting new features, Pearl Bids truly is the optimal choice for any one seeking a non-profit full service silent auction manager at a minimal cost.


Pearl Bids provides a one-stop shop for running a silent auction.  The base package, available for only $29.99, will provide everything needed to set up and get your auction running. (A grant program is available to assist those who find that even this low cost is outside of their budget.) From printing flyers and sending customized email pre-registration announcements to tracking all donors, donations, and attendees, Pearl Bids does it all.


Unlike many other products available today, Pearl Bids can be used at no additional cost for an unlimited number of auctions for the entire year. With its ability to draw on past auctions, it is easy to duplicate previous donations, contact past donors and attendees, and utilize historical statistics.


The optional bidding license completes the package, allowing the administrator to enter all bids (or invite “helpers” to do so using with their mobile devices), send out custom invoices (with a PAY NOW button), as well as generate many useful reports.


With its full-featured easy-to-use interface and low cost, Pearl Bids will make managing your silent auction more profitable and more fun!


Oakgrounds Inc is a California based-company that specials in developing custom applications geared towards small and mid-sized businesses as well as non-profits. For more information visit


Cameron Carey
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Silent Auctions can be stressful to run, but they don't have to be. If you follow this advice, you'll get to enjoy your evening, and you'll raise more money too.

The standalone versions of PearlBids silent auction manager have been a terrific success. With its easy to use interface, our customers report that the software is very extremely helpful and a big time saver. With an increasing use of online tools and desire for multiple users, we have been busy working on a new release that will incorporate these, as well as many other functions.

Using the same basic easy to use interface, the new Pearl Bids incorporates history information on donations and attendees in an easier than ever display. Functionality is increased exponentially by moving the auction to an online system, allowing for multiple users and even allows users to input bids from their phones. Tracking payments is easy, with invoices and reports reflecting partial payments as well as balance due. Preregistration, as well as optional add-ons (such as t-shirt sales....) are simple to include.

The ability to grow items into baskets, while still retaining donor and other individual information is a real plus. This information is then easily pulled into the template that can be used to quickly and easily generate thank you letters; or can be exported in both a pdf and cvs format to be used in what ever format you need. 

We are currently in the final stages of testing the new Pearl Bids Online before the official launch which is scheduled for later this summer.

If you are interested in becoming a beta tester, email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Pearl Bids Bid Sheet

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to generate the most income from your silent auction bid sheets? The single and most import ingredient to maximizing your silent auction income is your bid sheet. The most productive bids sheets contain



Pearl Bids silent auction manager  is the perfect tool to easily set up, keep track, and run your silent auction.


Scroll through the feature slides or watch some of the how-to videos to see for yourself why our customers continue to use Pearl Bids year after year for all of their silent auction events. 


*The original downloadable Pearl Bids is available as an alternative for those who do not have wifi access at their event.