Publicity is what drives your attendance. In addition to contacting your regular supporters, whether they are the parents at your school or the members on your board, you want to entice people from outside your group to attend your event. This will bring in funding sources that have not yet been tapped!

How do your reach these outsiders? Publicize! One easy approach is through local calendars. More than likely everything from the local TV and radio stations to your hometown newspaper provides FREE community calendars. Check their websites. If they don't have an event submission form, put together a quick email.  Make it short, concise, and easy to read, but be sure to include all the event details. A suggested format is:

If you have a photo or logo, include that. Even if it will not be used in the calendar, it will bring attention to your submission. And be sure and include your contact information in case the publisher has questions.

Since many calendars are generated 4-8 weeks in advance, send out your details as far in advance as possible. Take a few moments to later check and see if your event is added. If not, a quick call or  email can often let you know why and get you included.