Do you know that many companies have a budget set aside for charitable donations? While some require that a specific application be completed, for others a personal request letter will do. The donations range from small items to large gift certificates and they are waiting for you - all you need to do is ask!

We are working on an extensive list of companies who are known as being generous; the list will be included in a future release of Pearl Bids. But I thought I’d pass on a few names to get you started. Some of these companies only offer donations to charities in their geographic area or that help fund a specific endeavor, so use your time wisely and check the respective websites before approaching them. Many require several months advance notice as well, so it is never too early to reach out! After getting started on this list and seeing what kinds of companies give generously, I was much more encouraged to approach other local businesses.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters

Stonyfield Farms

Carnival Cruise Lines

Chipotle Restaurants

Mimi’s Cafe

SF Giants 

Good luck Donation Hunting!



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