Social media has become one of the best advertising strategies on the planet. Through blogs, Facebook, twitter, instagram... information is being disbanded at a rate never before imagined. Not only are the viewers receiving real-time updates, but the audience reached is growing exponentially.

While assigning volunteer duties, don't forget to create a team of marketing/social media volunteers. The beauty in this position is the diversity of people and involvement required. Whether the volunteer is hands on and actively assisting with other duties or someone who "just does not have time," there is something for everyone.

CONTRIBUTORS: Choose 2-4 volunteers as blog writers. By having several people on this job, you can spread out the work so that each person just writes one entry a month. Some of the volunteers may do nothing else but write a few sentences once a month, but you've got them involved, something they might not otherwise be able to do. Be sure to coordinate a schedule so that your entries are spread out and don't all appear in the same week. Having different writers will widen the appeal of your blog - as each contributor will have their own style, knowledge and interests. Make sure to share links to your blog across the social media platform. By linking each new blog post to Facebook, twitter... the information will be distributed at a rapid rate. Have a tech-savy volunteer help with the setup so that posts on one (ex Facebook) are automatically unloaded onto another (ex twitter). 

MONITORING: Periodically monitor the results. You may learn that a certain blogger is getting a terrific response while another is simply ignored. It could be the topics, style or even just the time of day that the blogs are posted. This is fluid; make adjustments or try simply changing scheduled posting times to see what brings you the best response. It may take a few months, but any information that you learn for one event can be carried on to make future events even more profitable. 

QUANTITY vs QUALITY: Keep in mind that quality always trumps quantity. And in this media filled world, you want your audience to stay informed and exited about your posts, not overwhelmed or bothered. 

SHARE, SHARE, SHARE: Harness this power by encouraging all of our volunteers to share all of you events blogs, tweets…. on their personal accounts. Not only will it show their support for your cause/event, but it will enable your supporters to stay informed and feel even more connected.



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*The original downloadable Pearl Bids is available as an alternative for those who do not have wifi access at their event.