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For MS Windows
Organize your silent auction donations and contacts. Create unlimited silent auctions, with unlimited donation items. Organize your donations by donation tables (ex. spa-table, travel-table, etc) and print beautifull bid sheets with your auction logo and donation item image. Print bid sheets with mutiple winners like 'a moms' night out'. Print Accountant Donation Reports, print personal donation request letters, print personalized attendee sign-in sheets to collect their credit card number.

Includes: Demonstration silent auction. Feel free to reuse the images of the donations. 

About Receipts
If you would also like to use Pearl bids to register the new bids, to print out and email receipts, you will need to buy a 'Bidding license' for $99.00/year. This is done as an in-app purchase. (Pearl Bids -> Pearl Bids settings -> License) 

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