It is handy to organize your auction according to table name (Spa Table, Travel Table, Dining Table, etc.). The Silent Auction app, Pearl Bids, lets you enter donations by table, move donations among tables, and enter bids by table.  You can also close bidding for each table at different times. The table name is printed on the bid sheet to keep you organized. 

When guests sign-in, you can collect their payment information and thank them for donations they have made to this auction and bids made in previous years. This a great opportunity for your greeters to recognize the VIPs.

  • Uniquely branded for each of your auctions

  • Optional image for each donation

  • Large print - easy to read in dark locations

  • Auto-credit donor; something one should never forget!

  • Limited bid steps

  • Auto-italic bid value once the Market Value is reached

  • Can accommodate multiple items (e.g., top 3 winners each get a pizza certificate)

  • Auto-calculate each bid dollar value based on your bid step (e.g., $15 increments) - or

  • Auto-calculate each bid dollar value based on the same price (e.g., Mom's-Night-Out: up to 30 moms, $25 each)


Your guests will love the personalized name badges that include their bid number as well as their name. You will love that no additional infomation is necessary for you to create these name badges. Simply pull up your attendee contact information and select Print Name Tags from the pull down menu. 

Some people will organize the auction receipts and item distribution the week after the event*. You can send send HTML receipts to your attendees; the receipts even include a PayPal button for your PayPal account. Once you receive payment from PayPal, you can mail or deliver the donations won to the guest.

* a yearly Bidding-License is required to enter new bids.