Unique fundraising ideas from the best school fundraisers. These ideas work well with our software ;)

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Fundraising idea: Get Keyed Up


Treasures and surprises go hand-in-hand in creating a fun event. Add some mystery to your night by having three treasure chests, each containing a different surprise. With many keys for sale, only one will open each chest- revealing a treasure for the lucky winner!

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Silent Auction idea: Spruce Up The Gift Certificates

Add a fun item to gift certificates that are up for bid to draw more attention and enhance your display.

If auctioning off a gift certifcate for a round of golf, place the certificate in a basket of golf balls...

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Silent Auction idea: Add a Cake

Here’s a unique way to differentiate your silent auction from all the rest; pair every item that is up-for-bid with a cake. Whether eaten as desert at the event or taken home, the cakes add an extra flare and help attract that many more bids.

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Fundraising idea: Geocaching

Want to add a bit of adventure to your silent auction? A Pearl Bids customer raved about the terrific response they received to a Geocaching Day offered by a teacher for their school’s silent auction.

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Silent Auction idea: Babysitting

Looking for a silent auction item that is extremely popular and easy to come by? A Saturday Babysitting Day provided by two or three teachers is always a hit.

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Fundraising idea: Dollar Auction

Whether used to bid off a few small items or as a means for providing dessert or wine for your attendees, a Dollar Auction is a fun addition to your event that can generate a lot of excitement and enthusiasm.

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