Pearl Bids is built in FileMaker (MAC/WIN), an enterprise level database tool; as such the downloaded version it can be networked.* 

If you have FileMaker Pro 12 or newer (even the trial version is fine) or FileMaker Server 12, you can open the Pearl Bids database file in FileMaker. Lots of schools already have aFileMaker sitewide license, so ask around. Once opened you can share Pearl Bids with other FileMaker users or on an iPad. If you use Filemaker 13 (or newer) you can access Pearl Bids through WebDirect (Part of FileMaker) in a browser. 

The following information might be helpful.

1) Make sure that the 'Auction Master' has a password! Otherwise you will not be able to log in. When you add it, create also some other users with passwords. In Pearl Bids go to:
MAC: Pearl Bids > Pearl Bids Setting > Multi Users 
WIN: Help >Pearl Bids Setting > Multi Users

2) Copy the database file to where you keep your FileMaker database files:
The database file can be found at:
Mac:  ~/Library/Application Support/Pearl Bids/Pearl Bids V7.pbg or Pearl Bids V7.pbg7
WIN: ~\Libraries\Documents\Pearl Bids\Pearl Bids V7.pbg or Pearl Bids V7.pbg7

You might have to change the extension from .pbg or .pbg7 to .fmp12 before opening the file in FileMaker of Filemaker Server depending on your setup.

That's it. Now multiple FileMaker and iPad** users can access Pearl Bids through your FileMaker network. 

** iPad users use the free Filemaker Go for iPad 12 or newer.

* Note that not all features are supported when networked and that this question does not pertain to the online version.