Unique fundraising ideas from the best school fundraisers. These ideas work well with our software ;)

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Ideas for fundraising: Buy a Balloon

A fun activity for any function, is Buy a Balloon. Make strips of paper that read You’re a Winner. For every You’re a Winner paper, create 9 strips that say, Sorry, Better Luck Next Time. Slip one paper into each balloon before you blow it up.

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Easy fundraiser ideas: 50-50 raffle

For a 50-50 raffle, half the proceeds go to your school (or other charity) and half go to the raffle winner. Have volunteers circulate the room carrying baskets with balloons tied to them. Sell your raffle tickets individually or at a special discount

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Fundraising ideas: A Dream Vacation

Consignment vacation packages from Silent Auction Vacations may be the easiest items that you can offer in your next auction. There is no collecting donated items, no heavy framed items to handle and no fear of damaging a consigned or worse a sold item. You just print the vacation description, display it and profit from it. All of this with no risk for your organization.

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Fundraising ideas for kids: One of a Kind Art

Who does not love their kids art? Ask your teachers to have her kids do a special painting, drawing or collage. Mount each piece on matte board, or go all out and put each in a frame. Parents, aunts, uncles and grandparents will want to bid - either for themselves or to get the item as  the perfect Christmas gift for that loving relation. 

Easy fundraiser ideas: Your Very Own Parking Space

Do you have a separate parking lot for staff & teachers? See if there is an extra space available. Auction off a parking space for the year. You can even purchase a sign saying "Reserved for the Smith family." (Or check with yoru local sign maker as they might like to donate the sign. Your parents will love the idea of not having to wait in a line to drop off and pick up their children. 

Fundraising ideas for kids: Party helpers

Older kids love to attend parties. Why not get a group of kids to volunteer their time as "party help."  Depending on their age, the kids can do anything from help with preparations, serve at a party, or help with clean up. They can be used to help at a special family dinner or that grand annual party. Who knows - this might hired to help again. Have many kids that like the idea, no problem; Pearl Bids supports multiple winners on the same bidsheet with no additional entries.