You've got that big ticket vacation. (See the Pearl Bids Blog on Adding a Dream Vacation for tips.) Use a touch of TLC and transform this already super trip into a spectacular package. 

First, draw your attendees to bid by adding visuals to your display. Use colorful posters of the vacation area, a basket of goodies to take home now, or a visual presentation. If the trip is to a ski condo, add a basket of "after ski goodies." Or put together a Disney themed basket to go with the trip to Disney World. The more attractive and eye-catching your presentation, the greater the draw. 

Next, transform your package into something truly amazing. Add value with little extra touches. For a trip to Cape Cod, contact a local restaurant to donate a dinner for two. Why not have the trip begin with a welcome bouquet from a local florist? See if a local bike company will throw in bike rental into your package. 

These little extras will enhance the package and help draw more bidders to your table. These big ticket items often make great live auction items as well, but these little extras will get your guests excited before the bidding begins and could just be what's needed to take your item to that next level.

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