Treasures and surprises go hand-in-hand in creating a fun event. Add some mystery to your night by having three treasure chests, each containing a different surprise. With many keys for sale, only one will open each chest- revealing a treasure for the lucky winner!

The chests can contain anything from money to a bottle of wine. The treasures should range in value; for example, for a cash prizes, one may contain $1000 in cash, the second $100, and the final chest $15. The variation will add to the intrigue. As the guests register, each has the oportunity to purchase a treasure key. Or, to assure that you get an set revenue, increase your admittance price to include a treasure key so that all attendees receive their special keys at check-in.

Have the chests displayed in a prominent location. Guests can try their luck at anytime during the evening to see if theirs might be the lucky key to unlock one of the chests. The winning key will open the chest and the winner will discover their treasure. For added fun, put an alarm on the chest, so everyone is alerted when it finally gets opened. 

Wondering about the logistics? Treasure boxes can be purchased at any party store - or create your own by decorating different boxes that you have on hand. Cheap locks are also available at party stores. Or you can ask your volunteers to donate old locks that they have around the house. Combination locks, like those used for school lockers, also work well. If using a combination instead of a "keyed" lock, simply print out "keys" with different number combinations on the back. For added fun, make sure the printed keys resemble those you would use to open a treasure chest.

Use your imagination and have fun. The attendees will enjoy the game and suspense, and the added revenue will be your reward.