Have you ever been to an event where the silent auction is crammed into a space and you feel like you are at a discount mart? Why not go top tier instead? Using an idea from a popular dinner party - transform your auction into a progressive auction.

What is a progressive auction? A progressive dinner is where you eat each course at a separate venue or home. This can be great fun having an appetizer in one location, salad at the next, and moving throughout the evening. How can this idea enhance your auction?

This is the perfect solution if your event is being held at a school or similar venue. The main event or dinner will take place in the multi, but your bidding (or auction) can take place in separate classrooms. Similar to an open house, this will have your attendees seeing the work of the students that they are sponsoring and remind them why their generous donations are so needed. The items can be displayed for optimal visibility.

You will want to create a reason for people to travel from room to room and a way to ensure that they hit every space. Perhaps have the guest receive a ticket for each room they visit. These tickets can be put into a raffle for a bottle of wine, or first dibs at the dinner or dessert table, or even a cash prize. The more rooms they visit, the better their odds of winning a prize! If your event has a theme, such as casino, each "game room" can hold a different game as well as the unique silent auction items. Have fun with this, and your guests will too!




Pearl Bids silent auction manager  is the perfect tool to easily set up, keep track, and run your silent auction.


Scroll through the feature slides or watch some of the how-to videos to see for yourself why our customers continue to use Pearl Bids year after year for all of their silent auction events. 


*The original downloadable Pearl Bids is available as an alternative for those who do not have wifi access at their event.