Some of the biggest money makers for a school silent auction are those that require the least time or effort to acquire and may be right in your own backyard. A behind the scenes school tour or other "off-limits privilege" can be a real treat for the bidder and a gold mine for you.

A guided tour of the principal's office or staff lounge is simple to provide and and can make a student feel like a VIP. Parents love to provide that special experience for their kids and will often enjoy the "battle" of winning the prized slot for their child.

But with a donation of a bit of their time, any of the staff can help contribute. How about a pizza lunch with the department head, or a movie outing with a favorite teacher, or even a make-your-own ice cream sunday with the principal. The possibilities are endless. Ask your school staff and you may be surprised with some of the ideas they come up with. They know these kids and are a terrific resource for what may prove to be your most popular auction item. 




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*The original downloadable Pearl Bids is available as an alternative for those who do not have wifi access at their event.