There is no doubt that having a dress reheasal before a performance is a must. Why not take the same approach with your next silent auction?

A week before your event, take 30 minutes to do a dry run-through. Have your data-entry volunteers on hand so that they will be familiar with your system.   A few "attendees" can place bids allowing for a  a mock closing. Not only will you discover any potential bottle-necks, but your volunteers will be more familiar with the process and feel less stressed. If you do run into any unanticipated questions, the Pearl Bids team is here to help you sort them out!

This is also a great time for the volunteers to bring up suggestions. By performing the tasks, they may see little quirks that would help the evening run more smoothly. Realizing these in advance will let you decide if a slight modification is in order. Something as simple as moving the drop-off tray may save you a major headache!