Everyone loves a yummy new dish. Odds are at least one of your members or parents is an outstanding cook. Whether a professional chef or an extremely talented home cook, they can help you create an exciting silent auction experience. Offer a cooking class - where the participants get to learn how to create a mouthwatering dish and then experience tasting it as well.

As a fun activity that leaves the participants with the knowledge to further their adventure, cooking lessons are a real hit. Have your chef come up with tantalizing items that will make your silent auction attendees mouths' water and will be easy for them to present to their "auction class." They may even want to whip up a small sample to have in front of your bid sheets, so that your attendees will know what is in store from them if they bid on this prize "cooking class." Pearl Bids makes it easy to offer this item as a set price for a specified number of bidders, or as a classical auction item, where one bidder can win a cooking class for a specified number of attendees. Either way, you're sure to get a great response.

As an added benefit, see if a local grocery store will donate the ingredients. Often the chef is happy to supply all that is needed for their demonstration/class, but bringing in the extra donation can help your chef splurge and create a truly one of a kind experience. 



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