Pearl Bids is built in FileMaker (MAC/WIN), an enterprise level database tool. As such it can be networked and used simultaneously. But for those people who do not have a network, you can share Pearl Bids using a USB stick using a trick. You only need one license. You can walk the USB stick over from one computer to another computer.  Here is how:

The trick it to move your data file or primary file on a USB stick. Then trick Pearl Bids into thinking that your file is at the expected location but not working. 

1) Install Pearl Bids on all computers you want to have access to. 

2) Copy the database file to where you keep your FileMaker database files to your USB stick:
The database file can be found at:
Mac:  ~/Library/Application Support/Pearl Bids/Pearl Bids V7.pbg or Pearl Bids V7.pbg7
WIN: ~\Libraries\Documents\Pearl Bids\Pearl Bids V7.pbg or Pearl Bids V7.pbg7

3) Rename it (for example 'Pearl Bids V7.pbg7' to  'Pearl Bids V7.pbg7_BAK' ) and replace it with another file of the same name. For instance you can make a text file named 'Pearl Bids V7.txt' and rename it to 'Pearl Bids V7.pbg7'. This is very important; if you skip this step, Pearl Bids will repair itself. You will need to do this on all computers. 

If you start up Pearl Bids now, you will get an error*. After you click OK, Pearl Bids will ask you for the location of the data file. Select the data file on your USB stick created in step 2).

That is it. Please remember to quit Pearl Bids and "eject" the USB stick before removing it from your system, to avoid corrupting your data file.  This is basic computer protocol.  

* The error message says: 'The primary file "Pearl bids v7" is either not part of this application, is damaged, or is already open. OK'.

Note: some export and backup functions might not work as expected. If you want to backup your data, just copy the file on your USB stick.