Pearl Bids can be used to easily create letters to any of your silent auction donors or attendees. You might wish to create letters to request a donation, thank yous for donations, or announcements to attendees.

Under Library (on the left hand column) select Contacts.

A list of all of your contacts will appear. Put a check next to the name of any contacts whom you wish to write. Then click on the pencil at the top of your screen.

Type in the text that you wish to include in your letter. When your letter is printed, the contacts names will display on the top. If you wish to personalize parts of the body of the letter, insert the substitution tags shown.

You can preview you letter, or go straight to printing, from the drop down bar on the top of your page.

When finished with your text, click Done and you will return to the Contact screen. The text will be saved for use the next time you enter the Letter Editing Screen (titled Request a donation).