We've recently been working with a customer who has a great game plan. They had a trial auction last night, a week before the actual event.

By holding a fake "preview" with people bidding on an item and then trying out their closing system, she was able to determine just where any bottlenecks might occur and where any confusion might lie.

Whether asking for a sponsor, a silent auction donation, or recruiting volunteers, there are three "P"s to keep in mind when writing your requests.

1. Be Positive - In today's world it is easy to get caught up in difficulties or problems, whether it be in why you need to hold a fundraiser or in the difficulties in procuring the volunteers and donations that you need. Re-read your piece and confirm that every request and fact is viewed from a positive angle. Be the "glass half-full person." Enthusiasm and optimism are catching and a positive attitude will lead to better results than a guilt-ridden or depressing request.

So often silent auctions are only included as part of a large event. But any opportunity where your community gathers creates a ripe environment for a silent auction. Whether your event is large or small, Pearl Bids can help make these additional “sub-auctions” a no-brainer to put together and run.

Whether a live or silent auction, variety is the key. You'll find profits will increase and attendees will have more fun if you offer a variety of values throughout the event so that everyone gets a chance to participate, make a donation, and contribute to your cause and the event's success.

Fundraising Tips for a Successful Silent Auction is live! We are super excited to have published our first e-book. 

Hot Fundraising Tips

Hot Fundraising Tips for a Successful Silent Auction is bursting with tips for silent auction and fundraising event planners. Whether looking for inspiration for new items to auction off or advice on how to increase the value of the donations being bid upon, you will find it here.