Small raffles have become a staple at many events, helping to bring in extra cash with a minimum of fuss. With 5-10 baskets out for perusal, an event can earn anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousand extra dollars. These baskets can be displayed the same whether for a raffle or a silent auction, but how do you decide which path is optimal for YOUR event? These tips can help you decide what will work best for you.

Publicity is what drives your attendance. In addition to contacting your regular supporters, whether they are the parents at your school or the members on your board, you want to entice people from outside your group to attend your event. This will bring in funding sources that have not yet been tapped!

As technology becomes increasingly more mainstream, many traditional silent auctions are moving online. What are the advantages and disadvantages of a paper auction vs an online auction? Should you jump on the band wagon and trash the traditional paper auction?

I recently attended a fabulous fundraiser. The event was Kentucky Derby themed to raise funds for a Relay for Life team. The organizers went all out with decorating the outdoor grove to perfection and included little extras tidbits, such as bottles of Champagne and “racing cups” for VIP attendees, that helped to make the afternoon a real pleasure. Between a raffle, silent auction, and “betting” on racehorses (hobby horses whose jockeys were Irish dancers who provided entertainment between

Have you ever received a last minute donation? Its great to get the donation but its 30 minutes before the doors open and all prep is already finished.

The makers of Pearl Bids Silent Auction Manager have created a quick and easy solution - Pearl silent auction bid Sheets, an app to quickly print a couple of bid sheets.

It turned out to be just perfect for small auctions or that last minute crisis. This app is available in versions for your Mac (at iTunes), iPhone, iPad, Android (at Amazon or the Google Play Store), and Windows (at the Windows App Store) and... it's free! 

We hope this handy dandy simple bidsheet generator will help out you low-low-low budget fundraisers. For a real professional look, you will still want to purchase Pearl Sheet silent auction manager for $19.99.