Donations listed for each auction

View all donations in your auction in a iTunes-like interface.

Beautiful bid sheets

Automatically generate branded bid sheets.

Full Auction interface

View how your auction is doing, all in one blink.

Love it

You are going to love it! Silent auctions have never been easier.

Personalized attendee registration

Personalize your attendee sign-in & collect payment information.

Preview Receipts

Who are your auction's highest bidders ?

Hold up your bidding number now!

Print large bidding numbers on the personalized attendee auction sheets.

Register bids by attendee

You only need to register your attendee once: To assign them a bid number and to contact them for your next auction.

Print Receipts

Make printing your winners' receipts a breeze.

Register bids by table

Enter your winning bids by the closed table.

Breathe easily

Silent Auctions are a breeze with Pearl Bids. Now you can breathe easily...

Intergrated attendee and donor registration

Integrates attendee and donor registration information.

Email receipts with PayPal button

Email winning receipts including a PayPal Buy-Now button.

Print Fliers

Pearl Bids generates your auction-flier on the fly

Display donations by table names

Organize donations by tables (Spa-table, Travel-table, etc. )

Accountant donation report

Display all donations on one report for your accountant.

Pearl Bids works for you...

We keep you organized, so you can relax ...

Accountant bidding report

Generate accountant bidding reports.

Be organized

Built for people who value your time.

Donation Thank You Letters


Your donors will appreciate a customized thank you letter. Not only will it show your appreciation, but it makes the perfect receipt for tax purposes for their donation to your silent auction.  This is why you use a silent auction app





Name Tags in One Click

Your guests will love the personalized name badges that include their bid number as well as their name. You will love that no additional infomation is necessary for you to create these name badges. Simply pull up your attendee contact information and select Print Name Tags from the pull down menu.  

Catalogs Are a Snap

 It is handy to organize your auction according to table name (Spa Table, Travel Table, Dining Table, etc.). The Silent Auction app, Pearl Bids, allows you to easily print out alisting of each item on a table, including a small graphic and donor recognition. Combined together, these table lists create the perfect booklet/catalog for your attendees. 



Manage your Donations

Easily edit your donations. Copy and paste pictures to correspond with each donation. Enter the market value, starting bid, and minimum bid step; link the donation to the donor, even switch the donation to another auction. 



Organize by Table Name

 It is handy to organize your auction according to table name (Spa Table, Travel Table, Dining Table, etc.). The Silent Auction app, Pearl Bids, lets you enter donations by table, move donations among tables, and enter bids by table.  You can also close bidding for each table at different times. The table name is printed on the bid sheet to keep you organized. 



Silent Auction Overview

Once you have finished entering the bids,  you can see at a glance how you are doing for each auction - the potential amount to be raised (market value), and how much actually was raised.  

Keeping a history of the silent auctions: Because you can run many auctions over time, you can easily reuse your donor and attendee information. Donations can also be duplicated so there is no need to re-enter the description each year. 



Beautiful Bid Sheets


  • Branded for each of your auctions
  • Optional image for each donation
  • Large print -  easy to read in dark locations
  • Auto-credit donor; something one should never forget!
  • Limited bid steps  
  • Auto-italic bid value once the Market Value is reached
  • Can accommodate multiple items (e.g., top 3 winners each get a pizza certificate)
  • Auto-calculate each bid dollar value based on your bid step (e.g., $15 increments)  - or 
  • Auto-calculate each bid dollar value based on the same price (e.g., Mom's-Night-Out: up to 30 moms, $25 each) 



Sheet - Attendee Info for Your Use

When guests sign-in, you can collect their payment information and thank them for donations they have made to this auction and bids made in previous years. This a great opportunity for your greeters to recognize the VIPs.






Event Summary Sheet - for Guests to Keep

When you print your Sign In Sheet, a personalized sheet is generated for the attendee to keep.  With the  Attendee’s name and bidding number right on this sheet, great for their silent-auction bidding, the live-auction bidding (Hold up that number!) or raffle tickets. 






Organize Your Attendees and Donors

Both your donors and attendees are important. They can be the same person -  someone who donates to your auction might also bid at your auction. Pearl Bids keeps track of these great supporters of your cause. No need to enter them twice. We track what they donated and on which items they bid, making it super easy to get started when you start preparing for your next auction. 



Accounting Donation Report

If you raise funds for a non-profit or NGO, a silent auction app needs to report who donated and what they donated to your auction.  To help, we’ve built the Accounting Donation Report! The Accounting Donation Report can be emailed as a pdf or as a CSV file, for easy import in Mac OSX Numbers, MS excel, Quickbooks, etc.







Bidding License

Get a yearly license to enter in unlimited bids. (Found in app-purchase.) By being able to enter bids you can:

  • Track the bids for all donations.
  • Let Pearl Bids instantly figure out who is the top winning bidder. Supports: Highest bidder wins, highest bidders win &  first bidders win, as in tickets for a mom's-night-out. (In technical terms this is called: Single unit auction item, multiple unit auction item & multi-unit with same price auction item).
  • Print invoices for winning bids per attendee.
  • Email the invoice to the attendees with a 'Buy Now' Paypal button.
  • Instantly see the total winning bidding value of your auction.
  • Print out an Accountant bidding report.



HTML Receipts

Some people will organize the auction receipts and item distribution the week after the event*. You can send send HTML receipts to your attendees; the receipts even include a PayPal button for your PayPal account. Once you receive payment from PayPal, you can mail or deliver the donations won to the guest.

* a yearly Bidding-License is required to enter new bids. 



Print Invoices

Powerful print features. Print all invoices alphabetically by winner, biggest winner first, or by table name. Give instant recognition of the items invoiced. Notice the market value is given as well as the winning bid. The bottom text can be customized. The layout will support some window envelopes just in case...

 * a yearly bidding-license required to enter new bids.





Accountant Bidding report

If you hold a silent auction fundraiser for a non-profit or NGO you will need this report. It shows the winning bid for each item organized per person, it's market value, the amount paid, and if payment was more than the market value. The information is helpful in determining whether or not the payments can be catagorized as being tax deductible. Accountants love this report. It can also be emailed in CSV format. This is why you use a silent auction app!


* a yearly bidding-license is required to enter new bids.