Donations listed for each auction

View all donations in your auction in a iTunes-like interface.

Beautiful bid sheets

Automatically generate branded bid sheets.

Full Auction interface

View how your auction is doing, all in one blink.

Love it

You are going to love it! Silent auctions have never been easier.

Personalized attendee registration

Personalize your attendee sign-in & collect payment information.

Preview Receipts

Who are your auction's highest bidders ?

Hold up your bidding number now!

Print large bidding numbers on the personalized attendee auction sheets.

Register bids by attendee

You only need to register your attendee once: To assign them a bid number and to contact them for your next auction.

Print Receipts

Make printing your winners' receipts a breeze.

Register bids by table

Enter your winning bids by the closed table.

Breathe easily

Silent Auctions are a breeze with Pearl Bids. Now you can breathe easily...

Intergrated attendee and donor registration

Integrates attendee and donor registration information.

Email receipts with PayPal button

Email winning receipts including a PayPal Buy-Now button.

Print Fliers

Pearl Bids generates your auction-flier on the fly

Display donations by table names

Organize donations by tables (Spa-table, Travel-table, etc. )

Accountant donation report

Display all donations on one report for your accountant.

Pearl Bids works for you...

We keep you organized, so you can relax ...

Accountant bidding report

Generate accountant bidding reports.

Be organized

Built for people who value your time.

Get Organized with Pearl Bids

With its iTunes-like interface, you quickly feel at home with the Silent Auction app.  Pearl Bids provides tools to help you organize a virtually unlimited number of silent auctions, silent auction items, and contacts.  

Organizing your silent auction with Pearl Bids is a breeze:

  • Each auction can have its own designer's logo or simple image.
  • Bid sheets can have pictures, descriptions and track market value and bidding increases.
  • The donation items print on a beautiful bid sheet, with automatic bid increases (when the highest bid(s) wins) or first bidders win at the same price (like with tickets for a Mom's-Night-Out).
  • Organize your donations items by table (Spa Table, Travel Table) for easy coordination with your table monitors and printing.
  • Instantly see the 'market value' of your auction.
  • Print individual bid sheets, all bid sheets,  or selected bid sheets.
  • Assign attendees numbers by hand or by automatically sequential numbering; handy for raffles, bidding.
  • Quickly identify your stronger donors.
  • Track donors for next auctions.
  • Tricks tips and news.
  • Pearl Bids is built on an enterprise level database software from Apple's FileMaker for ridged stability and security.

More Features