Pre-set bid sheets allow you to allow for multiple winners all at one price-    

 or if you have several of the same item donated,
choose to have more than one top bidder walk away a winner

 2 Winners



You choose whether your bids sheets will have the dollar values pre-filled or not.


Easily see what your attendees have donated in the past, and what items they have bid on at this auction.




Feature to be included in Summer 2019 Release.

Add pre-event or non-auction items into the attendee's account. These items will be reflected on their final invoice, reflecting payments made.

It is handy to organize your auction according to table name (Spa Table, Travel Table, Dining Table, etc.). The Silent Auction app, Pearl Bids, lets you enter donations by table, move donations among tables, and enter bids by table.  You can also close bidding for each table at different times. The table name is printed on the bid sheet to keep you organized.