Name Tags

Your guests will love the personalized name badges that include their bid number as well as their name. You will love that no additional infomation is necessary for you to create these name badges. Simply pull up your attendee contact information and select Print Name Tags from the pull down menu. 


The Pearl Bids Base Package ($19.99)

Pearl Bids is everything that you need to get your auction set up and ready to run:

  • Organize your silent auction donations and contacts.

  • Create unlimited silent auctions, with unlimited donation items.

  • Organize your donations by tables (eq spa-table, travel-table, etc) and print beautiful bid sheets, with your auction logo and donation item image.

  • Print bid sheets with multiple winners like "A Moms' Night Out".

  • Print Accountant Donation Reports, Personal donation request letters, & personalized attendee sign-in sheets to collect credit card numbers...

Pearl Bids Bidding License (Optional add-on: $99.99 for 1 year - renewable)

Adding the optional *Bidding License, will allow you to register new bids and easily invoice your attendees, as well as create summary profit reports.

Pearl Bids Bidding Online (Releasing Summer 2019)

This exciting new version will allow multiple users as well as online bidding, registration and much more

Get a yearly license to enter in unlimited bids. (Found in app-purchase.) By being able to enter bids you can:

  • Track the bids for all donations.
  • Let Pearl Bids instantly figure out who is the top winning bidder. Supports: Highest bidder wins, highest bidders win &  first bidders win, as in tickets for a mom's-night-out. (In technical terms this is called: Single unit auction item, multiple unit auction item & multi-unit with same price auction item).
  • Print invoices for winning bids per attendee.
  • Email the invoice to the attendees with a 'Buy Now' Paypal button.
  • Instantly see the total winning bidding value of your auction.
  • Print out an Accountant bidding report.



Easily edit your donations. Copy and paste pictures to correspond with each donation. Enter the market value, starting bid, and minimum bid step; link the donation to the donor, even switch the donation to another auction. 

Donation Thank You letter

Your donors will appreciate a customized thank you letter. Not only will it show your appreciation, but it makes the perfect receipt for tax purposes for their donation to your silent auction.  This is why you use a silent auction app