What is included with the standard download vs bidding license?

The Pearl Bids standard license includes everything needed to get your silent auction set up and running, from creating event flyers, registration sheets, and bid sheets. With the standard license, you will be able to track your donations, donators and attendees, whether for one or an unlimted number of silent auctions.

The optional Pearl Bids bidding license allows you to enter in the amounts bid on each item, and use this information to generate invoices, accounting reports, item histories, and quickly see the success of your auction. The bidding license can be used with an unlimited number of auctions, but must be renewed if you wish to use it for more than one year. 

The new Online Pearl Bids standard license (scheduled for release spring 2019) will include multiple-user capabilities in its many enhanced features.

  Online Version Included with  the    Optional 
Spring 2019
basic download Bidding license**
Unlimited auctions  Yes   Yes    
 Auction image Yes   Yes    
 Print auction flier Yes   Yes    
 Instant action overview Yes   Yes    
Accountant Reports          
  Preview/print Accountant Donations report     Yes    
    Email Accountant Donations report csv     Yes    
  Preview/print Accountant Bidding report     Yes*    
   Email Accountant  Bidding csv     Yes*    
  Preview/print Accountant Payment report Yes*        
   Email Accountant  bidding csv          
Multi-user Yes***        
Unlimited donation items Yes   Yes    
 Supports per individual item:          
   Single unit auction (bidding up) Yes   Yes    
   Multiple unit auction  Yes   Yes    
   (bidding up - e.q. Two … highest bidders win)  
   Multiple unit auction  Yes   Yes    
   (all for the same price - e.q. party, raffle tickets, fund-a-need)  
 Include a donation image Yes   Yes    
 Auto calculate bid step increments Yes   Yes    
 Auto number donation items Yes   Yes    
 Easily create Thank You Letters for donors  Yes        
Group items into baskets Yes        
 Print report showing basket and its included donations Yes        
 Easily add organizer only notes to donations Yes        
 Drop-down donation status indicator (open, pick-up, rejected….) Yes        
 Organize donation my table Yes   Yes    
 Recognize the donor on print-outs Yes   Yes    
 History included for donations that duplicated from previous auctions  Yes        
Print Donation Display Sheets Yes        
Print Donation Certificates Yes        
Print bidding sheets by:          
   All, selected, or table Yes   Yes    
   with description, image bid step increments, donor recognition and event name and icon Yes   Yes    
Print Bidding Sheet without bidding step increments Yes        
Unlimited Attendees     Yes    
 Import contact from file:          
    CIVICRM, excel, Filemaker Pro No*   Yes    
    Tab, CSV, DBfile, XML No*   Yes    
One-click attendee donation  Yes   Yes    
    and bidding history Yes   Yes    
 Auto create bidding numbers for Attendees Yes        
 Print personalized sign-in fliers with Yes   Yes    
  Credit card information collection form Yes   Yes    
  Customized agreement Yes   Yes    
  'Last time you bid on ...' reminders Yes   Yes    
  'Thank you for your donation' recognition Yes   Yes    
  'Selected items per table' advertisements Yes   Yes    
  'Event schedule and rules' Yes   Yes    
 Print customized name tags  Yes   Yes    
 Print a list of all attendees Yes        
 Print blank sign-in form Yes        
 Easily create Thank You Letters for attendees Yes        
Add non-auction charges to attendees account
(such as entrance fee)
Enter new bids by     No   Yes
   By donation item number         Yes
   By table         Yes
   By attendee         Yes
 Auto or manually enter the bidding amount         Yes
 Auto organize bid winner(s) depending on donation item setting'       -   Yes
 Auto enter the bidding amount      -   Yes
Close auction by table, selected donations or all  Yes*    Yes*    
Winning receipt     Yes*    
 Print selected receipts      Yes*    
    Print all receipts in alphabetical order or greatest invoice
first or only those selected.
 Printed receipt includes:          
    Donation item with image and description     Yes*    
    Donation number, market value, and winning bid value     Yes*    
    Customized (ie for taxes..) information statement     Yes*    
    Total owed      Yes*    
    Reflects any payments (whole or partial) Yes*        
Create an invoice generated through your PayPal business Account Yes*        
 Email Receipt from your PayPal business account Yes*        
  Emailed receipt includes:     Yes*    
   to: Name, item name and description, winning bid and total     Yes*    
   Customized (ie for taxes..) information statement     Yes*    
   'Buy Now' PayPal button, but people can also pay by check of course...     Yes*    
Reuse features          
 Reuse your contacts from last year     Yes    
 Duplicate your donation items from last year for your new auction     Yes    
 Print customized letters to selected contacts, formatted for windows envelopes.     Yes    
Example auction included - which can be easily hidden or viewed Yes   Yes    
PRICE TBA   $19.99   $99


 *   This feature is only useful if you have entered winning bids, however this feature does not expire.
 ** In -app purchase
      -   Existing bids can still be manipulated or deleted
*** Online version provides support for multiple users. There is an additional fee per user.