Some sponsors have a small window for donating each year. Keep a calendar so that you won't miss out!

For example, the Oakland A's only donate during baseball season. Sometimes, a company may only offer a limited number of in-kind donations per year. Often the donations include tickets or other time sensitive items, another factor that should be noted on your donation tracking calendar.

When you contact a sponsor and learn that they only donate during certain months, be sure and make a note. Even if you've missed the window of opportunity, record their donation dates for the next year. Plan on contacting them again at the beginning of their donation window. By reaching out early, you are most likely to receive a donation, even if the quantities are limited. You will also be covered even if the sponsor is one that takes several months to process requests.

With Pearl Bids Silent Auction Manager, it's easy to keep track of historical data and notes, including the best time to request specific donations.