When printing up your flyers and invites to your event, do you ever question if you are charging enough? If you increased the price, would your attendance go down?  

1. Have a base price for your event, but offer "boxes" at the bottom where your attendees can make added donations. Suggest several amounts, leaving the bottom line as a fill in the blank. Don't necessarily list the amounts from smallest to greatest (or vice-versa). Put your target request first and list other amounts under that. You'll be surprised how amny people add this extra gift. Stats show that on average, 40% of attendees will donate "a little extra."

2. Another popular idea is to offer tiered ticket levels. If your event includes seating, charge a slightly higher price per table for 8 than you would per individual. If your attendees have a group they enjoy sitting with, they will choose this option. For an extra donation, include a bottle or two of wine on the table. Or, if your event is a buffet, have volunteers serve VIP tables for a small extra charge. Your event is a celebration; let your guests spoil themselves if they wish!