Undoubtedly, some of your attendees will arrive  intending to spend money at the auction but will leave the event empty-handed with their wallets full. Give them a chance to spend that money.

Social media has become one of the best advertising strategies on the planet. Harness this power by encouraging your volunteers to share all of you events blogs, tweets… on their personal accounts.

Looking for a unique and different way to collect donations? Why not ask some of your volunteers to host a "Gift Giving Party"?

Similar to a Tupperware party, your hostess will invite friends to attend brunch/coffee...

Kids love fire trucks and police cars! A special Future FireFighter auction item is sure to be popular.

Everyone loves a yummy new dish. Odds are at least one of your members or parents is an outstanding cook. Whether a professional chef or an extremely talented home cook, they can help you create an exciting silent auction experience. Offer a cooking class - where the participants get to learn how to create a mouthwatering dish and then experience tasting it as well.