When you get a lot of donations, it is easy to want to put them all out. But it is actually best to not have too many silent auction items - an increase in quantity does not necessarily lead to an increase in income!

There is no doubt that having a dress reheasal before a performance is a must. Why not take the same approach with your next silent auction?

Asking for donations is not hard. Personalize the donation request letter below and send it to local businesses. Pearl Bids simplifies this process by easily using your donator data to generate letters. 

See the Pearl Bids Blog: Silent Auction Donation Request Letter for tips on how to use this letter.

Add a fun item to gift certificates that are up for bid to draw more attention and enhance your display.

If auctioning off a gift certifcate for a round of golf, place the certificate in a basket of golf balls...

A Wine Wall is a fun way for your attendees to give and also be assured that they take something home at the end of the evening.

Here's how it works: